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"Golf Genie is one of the best ideas I've ever seen for golf instruction. It's like having a teaching PGA professional in your back pocket."

- Dan Winger,

"With Golf Genie, you will know how to play every shot, every time.

- USA Today, Golf & Gear

What does a player do when facing a tricky situation? Thanks to Golf Genie, you can find some credible answers fast.

- Craig Dolch, PGA.COM
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Kristian Traylor, founder of Golf Genie™, demonstrates Golf Genie™ products at PGA Merchandise Show.

Golf Genie™ pocket golf tips for beginners guide help you improve your consistency by providing simple and well-illustrated off course and on course

golf tips

, practice drills and quick fixes when you need them the most, while practicing on the golf range or playing on the golf course. Knowing how to properly set up for the shot consistently every time you play is half the challenge. With Golf Genie as your

golf guide

, you will know how to set up and execute every golf shot you encounter on the course, every time.
Think about the golf shots you know how to play well. Doubt rarely creeps into your mind on those shots because you already know what to do. You just have to execute. However, for the majority of us, confidence in our golf swing is fleeting because for many golf shots, we are unsure of the approach and unclear on the setup. Not anymore. With Golf Genie™ as your golf tips for beginners pocket guide, you virtually have a PGA professional coach with you every time you play. And with the addition of our Practice Drills Pocket Guide, you will not only know the approach and know the setup for all the key shots, but also have handy the essential golf practice drills you need to master all phases of your game.
Ever experience a good golf round until the "wheels fall off" and your golf score mushrooms due to 2 or 3 poor golf shots? Many times these poor shots could have been prevented if you simply knew how to approach and execute the shot properly. What if you had a pocket golf tips guide with you every time you played providing you with

on course golf tips to minimize those poor golf shots

? Now you do with the Golf Genie™ Tee to Green Pocket Guide. And what about on the practice range? Are you frustrated with inefficient practice sessions and lack of true improvement? What if you had a practice pocket guide for beginners at your fingertips that contained all the essential practice tips, drills and routines you need to accelerate your core golf skills? With the Golf Genie™ Practice Drills Pocket Tips Guide for beginners, you will get the most out of your practice sessions and accelerate the development of every phase of your game with our

golf tips book

How many times have you had a poor lie behind a tree, on hardpan or lying in a divot when you simply did not know what to do? Often, we turn to our playing partners for advice or simply swing and hope for the best, which often leads to another poor shot. After the round, we scour the Internet in search of on course golf tips to set up for these types of golf shots, take notes and practice them on the golf practice range. This leads to a timing consuming process that we can better use honing our putting stroke. With Golf Genie™ Tee to Green Pocket Guide, this time wasting process is no longer necessary as you can simply turn to the correct page, quickly receive the

necessary golf tips

and execute the shot successfully. On the range, reference the Golf Genie™ Practice Drills Pocket Tips Guide and select from over 60 PGA proven practice drills to ingrain solid golf fundamentals. With Golf Genie™ in your pocket, now you can play and practice like the pros and accelerate all phases of your golf game!


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