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"By far the best designed and easiest to grasp golf instruction I have seen. I recommended Golf Genie to all my students."
Todd Anderson, PGA Teaching Professional

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On-Course Pro Golf Tips to Master Every Shot, Every Time
Practice Drills Pocket Guide
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Practice Like the Pros and Rapidly Lower Your Score
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Golf Genie™ Reviews
"Golf Genie is Golf Today Magazine's Best Golf Product for 2010. It is packed with all the tips and advice one needs to play good gofl. For less than twenty buck, it’s a no-brainer for golfers looking to improve their game." Bob Koczor, Publisher, Golf Today Magazine
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Challenge Regional Selection
"Recommended Golf Performance Product" Golf Fitness Magazine
"Golf Genie™ is one of the Top 5 Products at PGA Merchandise Show." Southland Golf Magazine

"Golf Genie is Golf Today Magazine's ‘Best Golf Product’ for 2010. It is packed with all the tips and advice one needs to play good golf. For less than twenty bucks, it's a no-brainer for golfers looking to improve their game."

Bob Koczor, Golf Today Magazine

"Golf Genie is one of the best ideas I've ever seen for golf instruction. It's like having a teaching PGA professional in your back pocket, available for instant help with swing problems or instruction for club selection and the specialty shots. I would put this pocket guide in the category of "must have" for any new golfer, and it is a great review tool for any established golfer."

Dan Winger,

"Golf Genie fully conforms to the Rules of Golf during play"

United States Golf Association (USGA)

"With Golf Genie, you will know how to play every shot, every time."

USA Today, Golf & Gear

"Golf Genie is one of the hottest products at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show. What does a player do when facing a tricky situation? Thanks to Golf Genie, you can find some credible answers fast."

Craig Dolch, PGA.COM

"Get the Golf Genie, read it, take it to the practice range and putting green and then stick it in your back pocket or handy in your bag. It's the most comprehensive golf instruction aid I have ever seen."

John Darling,

"Golf Genie is one of the top five products from the 2010 PGA Golf Show"

Southland Golf Magazine

"A well-designed and easy-to-follow guide that works well when a bad shot creeps in"

Golf Monthly

"Golf Genie is perfect for my students to retain and reinforce the information they receive from their golf lessons. It’s hard to remember a bunch of information during the lesson or away from the instructor. With Golf Genie, my students can access great golf tips and visuals at home or on the course at their convenience. It's a perfect match for both students and teachers."

Frank Hesson, PGA Teaching Professional

"The Golf Genie is by far the best designed golf training guide I have seen. I recommend it to all of my students."

Todd Anderson, PGA Teaching Professional

"I think the product is fantastic. Its use of visual instruction will greatly accelerate the golf learning curve and dispel common golf shot misconceptions."

Anthony Ryder, PGA Teaching Professional

"Extremely professional and simple to grasp the concept. Would recommend to all levels of golfer looking to expand their knowledge of the swing. In fact, all high school programs should adopt this immediately"

Matthew Grady, PGA Teaching Professional

"Quite simply a brilliant mix of graphics and notation, I love it!"

Jeff Parker

"I am thrilled with my purchase of the Tee to Green and Practice Drills guides. I particularly like the illustrations…"a picture is worth a thousand words.” Golf Genie is a great gift idea also. There isn't a lot of quality useful items out there in the $15 range, but Golf Genie is perfect."

Dale Ross

"Brilliant idea!"

Connie Touseman

"Highly useful! I never know what I'm doing with my shots other than the basics. This guide will definitely be taken out on the course!"

Bob and Carol Chapman

"This is the coolest guide! Really helping me with my game, especially tricky shots....every golfer should get one of these."

Mike King

"A great guide for golfers who don't know what to work on at the range, I now know how to work the ball, fade and draw - it's changed my game for the bette"

Tony Sigrist

"Golf Genie is really a golf doctor! All the info I can never remember when I'm on the course is now with me all the time. It's easy to use and seems very comprehensive. Some of the tips are still beyond my ability, but with the use of Golf Genie, I'm sure I'll get there. Good job!"

Frank Ohman

"Having decided to do something about my erratic golf I picked up the Golf Genie and I have to say it has been the most sound investment that I have ever made. Simple, basic, no nonsense instruction."

Mike Countryman

"Best instruction I've seen.... quite different from anything else I have read before, excellent."

Sandy Gallagher

"Excellent training aid. Many thanks."

Roy Jacobson


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