Golf Basics

The Golf Genie™ Basics section provides golf tips, review and reinforcement of key tee to green golf basics including:

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Golf Basic Fundamentals

The Golf Genie™ golf basics section is an ideal primer and review for all levels of golfers to quickly understand and reinforce

golf fundamentals

at a glance. In a highly concise and visual manner, the golfer will understand how to establish the right golf grip, develop a pre-shot golf routine, how to establish good swing tempo and rhythm, as well as golf shot basics on posture, stance and ball position.
For all levels of golfers, the Golf Genie™ golf basics section is a fantastic review of the full swing fundamentals including backswing and downswing basics, proper weight transfer, common ball flights, and how to setup and execute straight golf shots as well as draw and fade golf shots. Within each golf lesson, you will clearly see how to setup properly and the key steps necessary to execute each golf shot.

Finally, the Golf Genie™ golf basics section is a useful reference for the key elements of the golf short game, including greenside bunker shots, fairway bunker shots, golf pitch shot and chip shot basics and putting fundamentals.

We recommend that you review the Golf Genie™ golf basics section often to ingrain golf shot fundamentals and commit the right golf shot movements to muscle memory. Over time, the golf basics will become second nature. Then, when there are areas of your golf game that become a struggle, you can quickly reference the appropriate section to identify

basic golf tips and instruction

to quickly address the issue.
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Golf Basics Tips
Advanced Shot Tips
Quick Golf Fixes
  • Pull hook
  • Hook
  • Pull
  • Push
  • Slice
  • Push Slice
  • Thin / Fat / Shank


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