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Golf Genie Review from Jonathan Wall

Wow! We have been so fortunate to get such great reviews over the last few weeks. Jonathan Wall, the creator of the “From the Rough” blog, posted this golf tips review on June 10th, 2010.

You can also read Jonathan's review below:


Product Review: Golf Genie Pocket Golf Guide, by Jonathan Wall

The nice folks over at Golf Genie decided to send me one of their pocket golf guides to test out and review. And while I've never been the type of player to use a pocket golf guide before, I figured it would still make sense to give it a whirl to give you, the reader, an open and honest opinion about one of the newer golf products on the market.

Golf Genie isn't trying to revolutionize the pocket golf guide business - we all know these guides have been around for years - rather, they're merely trying to fine-tune the system and make it work for golfers of all skill levels.

The guide, which was about as big as my hand, is broken up into a number of very helpful categories. For those of you who don't have the money to spend on a teaching instructor, the guide offers a section on the basics of the golf swing. Everything from the pre-shot and tempo to the swing and bunker shots is covered in colorful, visual instructions.

One of the most difficult things to master with these guides is making sure to keep the pertinent information in, while also trying not to give the golfer information overload. I think the guide does a great job of keeping things simple and to the point. You really don't want to confuse a beginner if he's trying to learn golf the basics by reading a pocket guide. There's also an advanced section (In all honesty, I'd consider the advanced section to be more of a continuation of the basics) that gives you tips and suggestions on how to hit shots from a variety of lies and situations. The plugged lie in the bunker and hitting off hardpan are covered in this particular section.

One of the best features of the entire guide is their ability to bullet point and number their steps for each tip. It allows you to follow along with relative ease - something that's definitely needed in the last section of the guide that covers Quick Golf Fixes.

Quick fixes, which I'd assume means issues you want to correct on the course, is setup to be your go-to guide when you find yourself with a slice or hook (for instance) during a round. While I'd never recommend trying to fix a swing mid-round, the guide does do an admirable job giving you visuals on how to correct a number of swing issues, from a push slice to hitting it fat or thin.

On a side note, I'd recommend using this section on the range. Too much information can sometimes make the swing worse during a golf round. So use the quick fixes sparingly during the middle of a round.

If there's one beef I have with the guide, it's the fact that they put a section on the dreaded "S word" at the end of the guide. I challenge anyone, including Golf Genie to cure a case of the s***** with visuals. Just looking at the tips made me cringe. I ONLY recommend going to the back of the book as a last resort (while I'm only kidding, I do feel like the s***** can come over a golfer at any moment).

Overall: The Golf Genie retails for $14.99, putting it right in line with the average price for a golf guide. But the Golf Genie excels where others don't by making the tips and visuals as simple as possible to comprehend. Even a new golfer could get the gist of a golf swing by looking through the pages and following along.

If anything, this guide is a great alternative if you don't have access or money to a PGA Teaching Professional. I'd always recommend going to a teaching pro over a guide, but this one does a good job at bridging the gap is you're having trouble with your swing.

It's a perfect companion to have during a range session if you need help working on your game. It's slick-looking, easy to use, and also has the game broken down into all of the most important sections of the golf game/swing, making it well worth your money if you're looking for a golf guide.

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