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"Golf Genie™ provides all the information you need at your finger tips to perform at a high level, which can be a real advantage on the course and off."
Blaine Ballard, Addicted2Golf

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PGA Tour Superstore© and Golf Genie™ Prepare for Big Father's Day Sales

The highly acclaimed Golf Genie™ Tee to Green Pocket Guide, which provides expert golf tips for all key golf shots and quick fixes for problem swings, has quickly become one of the top-selling golf instruction products for PGA TOUR Superstore©. The perfect gift for Dad, the Golf Pocket Guide is expected to have significant sales growth leading up to Father's Day, 2010.

ATLANTA, GA (May 20th, 2010) - Atlanta-based Golf Genie™ (Golf Genie) and PGA TOUR Superstore© ( are preparing for big sales of the highly acclaimed golf instructional guide leading up to Father's Day.

"PGA TOUR Superstore has been a great partner to Golf Genie and we are excited about the fantastic sales results of our Tee to Green Pocket Guide at all their store locations," said Kristian Traylor, President of Golf Genie. "The Tee to Green Pocket Guide is the first of a series of golf instructional products we are launching aimed toward helping golfers gain consistency and learn the game more efficiently. Based on sales results at PGA TOUR Superstore, there is strong demand for our product."

Johnny Murrieta, Operations Manager of PGA TOUR Superstore in Duluth, Georgia agreed. "The Golf Genie Pocket Guide is the fastest selling golf instruction aid I have seen in my 16 years in golf retail and is our number one seller among the golf instructional books and DVDs we carry. Our customers love it. Once they open it, they buy it."

About Golf Genie

The Golf Genie™ Tee to Green Pocket Guide provides easy-to-absorb golf tips and helpful lessons for all the key shots and problem swings you encounter on the course. Designed by top PGA instructors, the Pocket Guide easily fits in your pocket or bag and is there for you when you need it the most - while you actually play or practice the game. With Golf Genie™ in your pocket, you have a pro instructor with you every time you play or practice the game. The United States Golf Association (USGA) has ruled that Golf Genie™ "fully conforms to the rules of golf for use during play."

Want to know the proper setup for straight shots, draws, fades, pitches and chip shots? Need a reminder for proper ball position and weight transfer? Looking for quick tips on advanced shots like uphill and downhill lies? Need to fix a problem shot like a slice, hook, pull or push right now? It's all in Golf Genie™, the easy to understand, pocket-sized golf reference guide that enables you to practice more efficiently, increase your consistency and lower your score. Golf Genie™ has been selected by Golf Today Magazine as the 2010 "Golf Product of the Year" and has been featured by USA Today, The Golf Channel and PGA.COM.

Golf Genie is available online at Golf Genie and golf retailers such as the PGA TOUR Superstore®. For information about Golf Genie, visit Golf Genie.

About PGA TOUR Superstore

PGA TOUR Superstore is a majority-owned subsidiary of AMB Group, LLC, headquartered in Atlanta, GA. PGA TOUR Superstores are as passionate about improving your game as you are about playing it. We demonstrate this every day by providing golf and tennis players alike with unparalleled selection, exceptional services and guaranteed low prices to help you take your game to a whole new level. Because we are the PGA TOUR''s exclusive off-course/off-airport retailer, every golfer has access to the same technology, expertise and TOUR Van experience that the card-carrying professionals do. To put it another way, the only thing PGA TOUR Superstores can't do for you is provide more daylight hours to get in another nine. Current PGA TOUR Superstore locations include the Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, Phoenix and Dallas metro areas and a new location in Naples, Florida.

For more information about the PGA TOUR Superstore, visit

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