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Practice Like the Pros and Rapidly Lower Your Score
  • Master all phases of your game
  • Used by top PGA instructors
  • Ingrains solid swing fundamentals
  • Accelerate your development
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Master All Phases of Your Game

Designed by top PGA instructors, the Golf Genie™ Practice Drills Pocket Guide provides PGA-proven golf practice drills and routines to help you accelerate your development and master all phases of your game.

The Practice Drills Pocket Guide is a 66-page, high quality, UV-coated printed reference that easily fits in your pocket or bag for easy access. It is composed of 4 sections:
  • Full Swing: checkpoints and drills that reinforce the key golf swing fundamentals.
  • Short Game: drills to master all shots 50 yards and in to the cup.
  • Swing Faults: drills that solve common swing faults.
  • Practice Routines: practice plans, skills games, and example range and pre-round routines.

Eager to get more out of your practice sessions in less time?  Desire to ingrain solid golf swing fundamentals  and rapidly improve your consistency? Looking for quick and easy practice drills to fix your fat shots and slices instantly?  Need to improve your short game dramatically?  Golf Genie™ Practice Drills Pocket Guide is your answer.  It contains all the golf practice drills, checkpoints and routines you need to succeed on the range and transfer your success to the course.

Golf Genie™ has been selected by Golf Today Magazine as the "Golf Product of the Year" and has been featured by USA Today, The Golf Channel and PGA.COM

Inside Golf Genie™ Practice Drills Pocket Guide
Select the highlighted links below for sample Practice drills from the Golf Genie™ Practice Drills Pocket Guide
Full Swing
Short Game
Swing Faults
Practice Routines

Product Details

Golf Practice Drills Guide

Golf Genie™ Practice Drills Pocket Guide will accelerate the development and consistency of your golf game and provides all the golf practice drills you need in one easy to use resource. It consists of PGA-proven golf practice drills including full swing drills, short game drills, swing fault drills and example practice routines to lower your score and master all phases of your game....

Golf Genie™ Practice Drills Pocket Guide contains the key golf practice drills used by top PGA teaching professionals. In the "Full Swing" section, you will learn how to stretch and warm up properly for your practice session and review a range of vital golf practice drill checkpoints including proper golf grip basics, golf grip alignment, proper golf posture, golf shot alignment, golf swing plane fundamentals, proper golf backswing and downswing fundamentals and golf weight transfer checkpoints. Next is a set of essential practice drills for every phase of the full swing including backswing, downswing, impact position and follow-through.

In the next section of the Golf Genie™ Practice Drills Pocket Guide, you can review and execute the key golf short game practice drills including putting setup golf drills, putting distance control and accuracy golf drills, chipping setup golf drills, chipping distance control and accuracy golf practice drills, bunker technique golf drills, pitching technique golf drills and pitching distance control and accuracy golf practice drills.

The third section of the Golf Genie™ Practice Drills Pocket Guide contains the essential golf practice drills that help solve common golf swing flaws and includes golf practice drills to increase your distance off the tee, fix golf hooks and golf pulls, address golf pushes and golf slices, stop hitting golf shots fat or heavy, stop hitting golf shots thin or pop-up golf shots, fix left arm collapse or chicken wing golf shots, and instill proper golf weight transfer fundamentals.

Finally, the Practice drills section contains insightful advice and example practice routines to tailor the perfect practice drills to rapidly improve your game. You just focus on your practice session to enhance your skill because golf is mind game.


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